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Performance homes rank high for green features in at least 8 categories defined by the prominent green building rating systems. All designs are site-specific, but it is possible to strive for green features that contribute to obtaining points in the other categories:

Recycle (85 GBI Residential points)

We provide an area to keep recyclables clean and neat. A huge portion of specified new materials have high post consumer recycled content.

Lower Energy Costs (62 GBI Residential points)

Dramatically reduce your utility bills with Integrated Solar Assist (ISA). Aside from our energy efficient designs with Energy Star® appliances and energy saving light fixtures, we include renewable energy like converting sunlight into electricity - solar power. New technology has made panels lightweight and virtually unbreakable. And solar thermal hot-water systems are integrated into the design.

Our smart green designs include features like maximizing solar gain with extensive stone surfaces used as thermal massing to help naturally heat the home. Smart use of reflective roofs, and highly insulated formaldehyde-free building envelope are all part of the design. Geothermal heating and cooling could be incorporated where applicable.

Let the sunshine in, or not. We have lots of windows, skylights and clerestories that are strategically located on the southern side of the floor plans. This passive solar orientation and the use of UV-filtering shades control light in room and on surfaces, as well as reducing the need for electric lighting and cooling. We specify low-e glazed, double-paned, argon-filled, wood framed windows.

Fresh Air (55 GBI Residential points)

Our 'skinny' floor plans allow for good cross ventilation. Operable clerestory windows and sliding doors allow for passive heating and cooling strategies instead of using mechanical systems, where heat rises out through the clerestories. And materials like bamboo flooring and low VOC adhesives, sealants, and non-formaldehyde products keep the air fresh. More low-emission materials, recycled glass floors in the entrance, beautiful cork and bamboo floor surfaces, sustainable cabinets and carpet with high amount of post consumer recycled fiber. cut down on dust and VOC’s.

Lower Water Costs (57 GBI Residential points)

Cut back on water usage with these green features: low-flow, motion activated water fixtures and waterless urinals (where permitted by code), on-demand tank less hot water system, and rain harvesting for landscape irrigation. Kitchens and baths are specified for faucets with aerators and low-flow shower heads.All designs come with suggested xeriscape landscaping with drip irrigation. Plants will be selected to be hardy and resilient to native species to cut the need to water. And lastly, the famous green roof which give stormwater run-off relief.

Views to the Outside

Be at peace. Connect to nature by having windows overlooking courtyards and the outdoors. Your custom green home will feel a lot bigger than it really is.

Why build a certified green home?

You can build a home that incorporates many green building practices. That's great. But if you can meet or beat the industry's benchmark on either LEED® for Homes or the GBI NAHB Green Home Building Guidelines this would have such a positive impact to the planet. Learn more about ratings.