Online Project Administrator: During the online project administration process, we will provide an ‘Online Project Administrator’

· Register the Project with the USGBC.

· Submit LEED Certification Application.

· Collect documents from your sustainability design and construction team that support the application for LEED certification using the online submission tool on the USGBC website. These application supporting documents include:

1) LEED Credit Templates.

2) Narratives.

3) Calculation Tables prepared by others.

4) Equipment Schedules prepared by others.

5) Plans, Diagrams, or Maps as required by each pursued LEED Credit.

6) Other relative documents as required by the certification process (such as manufacturer’s product data, vendor cut sheets,hauling receipts/ tickets, waste management plans, commissioning information from others, important owner contracts, etc.).

· Review the LEED certification process and regularly report progress to the Owner every two weeks; up to twelve (12) progress reports have been budgeted for this effort

· Provide you with the final LEED Certification Report once certification is complete.

Achieving LEED CI certification may require modifications to the design/ construction documents which in turn may result in additional construction costs. Our services do not include cost estimating, and it is your responsibility to retain a cost consultant to prepare estimates and to advise both you and us in a timely manner on the anticipated cost of the Project during each phase of our services. We will cooperate and work closely with your cost consultant, so that the LEED CI impact can be evaluated within the project budget.

We can provide consulting services for the USGBC’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Homes (LEED) Rating System version 2.

Learn more about our Predesign Workshop exercises were we examine LEED credits utilizing the USGBC’s ‘Registered Project Checklist’ for establishing green building goals, identifying potential LEED points, examining strategies for implementation, and assessing the impact on the Owner’s program and budget.

Our services include Project Goal-setting, Design Integration, Documentation Coordination, and Application Submission for the purposes of LEED project certification as outlined below and set forth in AIA document B214-2007, “Standard Form of Architect’s Services: LEED Certification”.

Our services are defined by two distinct managerial roles during the LEED design and certification process:

LEED Coordinator: During the LEED coordination and certification process, we will provide a ‘LEED Coordinator’ for approximately 8 hours per week for 6 weeks (48 hours). This role shall:

· Be a LEED Accredited Professional; the project will earn one (1) credit.

· Organize and manage the LEED design documentation and certification process with the online Project Administrator.

· Facilitate weekly LEED meetings to manage the effort for project goal-setting, interdisciplinary design integration, and project management; up to six (6) meetings have been budgeted for this effort.

· Review the status of credit assignments identified on the LEED Certification Plan with the team at the weekly LEED coordination meetings.

· Address LEED credits specifically assigned to we; up to fifteen (15) credits have been budgeted for this effort.

· Update the LEED Certification Plan; up to four (4) revisions have been budgeted for this effort.

· Submit LEED certification documents to the Owner at intervals appropriate to the LEED certification process for purposes of evaluation and approval by Owner.

We will provide a LEED Coordinator with the understanding that as owners, you will assemble a sustainable design team and retain separate engineering consultants needed to implement commissioning, mechanical/electrical/plumbing engineering, energy and atmosphere consulting, and other LEED related services.